Ambassador Janine Finck

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the homepage of the Luxembourg Embassy in Copenhagen, which while being resident in Denmark is also covering Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Barely one month after arriving in Copenhagen directly from Rome, I had the honor and opportunity to present my letters of credentials to Her Majesty Queen Margarethe II. Having lived for almost five years in the south of Europe, in Italy, arriving in a Northern climate is for certain a real challenge. But there are so many new things to discover here in Denmark, and my other accreditation countries.

Nordic countries have always been at the forefront of modern policies, be it in the environmental field or the social pact between Government and citizens. Luxembourg is eager to learn and to be inspired by those policies for its own planned changes in our society, and we have already had several Luxembourg government ministers and high officials visiting them for inspiration.

And of course not to forget the relations between our royal families which are based  on family ties and frequent mutual visits or State Visits.

In case you already know our homepage then the links it contains may rekindle your interest in our beautiful country anew. In case you do not know it then my Embassy team and I sincerely hope that this tool may tickle your curiosity to get to know more about it.


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