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The Digital Single Market - What's in it for us?

Published Friday December 04 2015


Everything from our daily work, the way we communicate and interact with other people, to the way our homes and car function, is increasingly connected to and enhanced by the internet. In the broader economy, digitalisation has become a crucial factor in ensuring the global competitiveness of European businesses, with everything from production and logistics to marketing and sales becoming more and more automated and connected.

Europe has the potential to take the lead in this digital global economy, but we are currently lagging behind and not making the most of our capabilities. Especially, fragmentation and barriers in the Digital Single Market are holding the EU back.

The Commission has already launched its Digital Single Market Strategy to tackle these challenges, but what will it actually take to move Europe from the legislative drawing board to a digital reality? And what’s in it for both citizens and businesses? This and many other questions will be tackled at our high-level conference on the digital single market in Copenhagen on the 8th of December 2015.

Click here for a detailed programme of the event and here to register.

For those that wish to attend #dkdigital but cannot, the event will be streamed live here .