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Seminar on business, energy and climate – before and after Paris (Stockhom, 11 November 2015)

Published Thursday November 12 2015

In partnership with the European Commission delegation, the Swedish Confederation of Entreprise and the World Energy Council, the Luxembourg EU presidency had organised a seminar on the expected outcome of the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) and the remaining hard issues to tackle. The seminar was about the state of play of negotiations two weeks before the COP21 as well as expectations from different actors, including governments, business and the energy sector in the run-up to Paris and with regard to the follow-up to a new climate agreement. Against the background of the EU’s ambitious negotiating position for the COP21, Luxembourg’s Environment Minister Carole Dieschbourg representing the EU Chairmanship and her Swedish counterpart Åsa Romson briefed participants on the ongoing preparations and the major challenges ahead. Private business and representatives of the energy sector on their part presented their views and demands. The well-attended seminar offered a framework for in-depth substantial exchanges of views.  Participants were united in their wish to see the Paris Conference become a game-changer in climate policy at global level.    

You can find the official programme of the conference here .