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Guest lecture on EU affairs at Aalborg University (29 October 2015)

Published Friday October 30 2015

In response to an invitation by the political sciences Department of Aalborg University, Ambassador Philipps gave a guest lecture for master students in European Studies. Against the background of the EU presidency programme and priorities, he addressed the major challenges that the EU Institutions as such and the member States were facing while also highlighting the main areas of work that would allow the EU to reboot after the long-lasting sequels of the financial and economic crisis of 2008. In an interactive and dynamic exchange with the students, the focus turned to the multiple advantages of European cooperation and moved away from the more simplistic commonplaces that tend to equate the EU with being the source of all kinds of problems. Towards the end of the presentation, however, migration and the perspectives for an ambitious climate agreement at the Paris Climate Conference were the two issues that were debated in a more passionate but also more antagonistic manner.