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European Film Weeks in Helsinki

Published Friday April 01 2016

The motto for the European Film Weeks 2016 is the same as the EU-motto: ”United in diversity”. The Europeans have a rich identity, with a belief in their own ability, an ability to appreciate their own and other people’s opinions and fight prejudices as well as the courage to pursue their own dreams and the strength to build a better future.

The program includes 24 interesting films that have the theme of, among other things, equality, freedom, justice, growth and tolerance. The film stories cover subjects such as fear and prejudice, empathy, love and solidarity.

The event is organised by: the European Commission’s Representation in Finland and the European Parliament’s Information Office in Finland, together with the embassies and cultural institutes of the EU countries and the EU candidate countries.

The event is free of charge.

Mos Stellarium is a documentary about six young refugees talking about their escapes and trips, as well as the new problems they encounter in Luxembourg. In all intimacy, they tell their stories as young refugees. Attached to the travelled landscapes and all the encounters, the memories look back at these strange journeys and turn to the future.
Like mysterious maps of constellations, their voyages beganin Afghanistan, Syria, Kosovo or Montenegro. They headed for Europe, Luxembourg in particular, and their destinies turn them into young adults by accident, but full of dignity nonetheless. Its viewing is planned for April 14th, we recommend go by if you are in Helsinki!

Eurooppasali (Malminkatu 16, Helsinki) has room for 100 spectators. Tickets are distributed in the Eurooppasali entrance hall one hour before each performance begins and the doors to Eurooppasali are opened ten minutes before the lm begins. The films are subtitled in English. 

(Source: Eurooppasali)