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EU Heads of mission working lunch with Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen (9.10.2015)

Published Saturday October 10 2015

Upon invitation by the Luxembourg chairmanship, EU Ambassadors and their colleagues from candidate countries had an in-depth exchange of views on European and international affairs with Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen. Discussions initially focussed on the migration crisis, including ways and means for the EU and the member States to address that major challenge, in the light of EU Council debates and decisions, notably. In that connection, the Minister provided information on Denmark’s contribution to assist in the search for a solution. The situation in Ukraine and the difficult relationship between member States and the Russian Federation was addressed in all its complexity. Participants also heard the Minister on Denmark’s position regarding the fight against terrorism, the problem of “foreign fighters”, the situation in the Middle East and the aftermath of the “Arab spring”. Kristian Jensen also browsed through Denmark’s past, present and future military involvement in crisis and conflict zones. Particular attention was given to the situation in Syria. Heads of mission appreciated Minister Jensen’s frank and substantial briefing.

Photos by: Hasse Ferrold