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EU Heads of mission working breakfast with State Secretary Lehtomäki (Helsinki, 3 November 2015)

Published Wednesday November 04 2015

Paula Lehtomäki, State Secretary at Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s Office, was the guest of honour at the EU HoMs working breakfast. The State Secretary had been sitting in for the head of government who was retained by important negotiations within the government coalition. Ms Lehtomäki focussed largely on domestic issues and, referring to the government coalition programme, gave the participants an exhaustive briefing on the Prime Minister’s priorities in regard to the reforms that he deemed necessary to boost Finland’s competitiveness, catalyse economic growth, fight unemployment, affecting in particular the younger generations, and implement a “new contract” with the Finnish people. During the ensuing discussions, the main issues were the reform of the health sector, the pension reform and the reform of the municipal level.