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Briefing on European affairs to the European Movement in Helsinki (2 November 2015)

Published Tuesday November 03 2015

Further to an invitation by the European Movement of Helsinki, Ambassador Philipps made a presentation of Luxembourg’s EU presidency priorities, in the framework of the institutional changes brought about by the Lisbon Treaty. Faced with an expert and motivated audience composed partly by former European functionaries who had been working in the European Institutions in either Luxembourg or Brussels, the Ambassador was led to go into a fair amount of detail. Major challenges to the European integration project were discussed in a pleasantly contradictory manner just as a well as the main domains and projects which are aimed at bringing the EU forward, including in regard to growth, the fight against unemployment, the establishment of an energy union, the creation of a digital single market and the implementation of an ambitious climate agreement that was hoped for in the framework of the upcoming COP21 conference.