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Briefing for EU Heads of mission by Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (8 December 2015)

Published Wednesday December 09 2015

On 8 December, EU Heads of mission had their biannual meeting with Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen at his office in Christiansborg. The exchange of views with the Head of government initially focussed on the negative result of the 3 December referendum on a selective Danish participation in the EU’s Justice and Home Affairs domain. In that regard, Prime Minister Rasmussen gave an overview of consultations that he was conducting within government and with all parties represented in the Folketing in preparation of his 11 December meeting with Presidents Juncker and Tusk in order to explore alternative options for a Danish cooperation within Europol, notably. Lars Løkke Rasmussen also provided the EU Ambassadors with his interpretation of the current migration crisis, referring to his country’s contribution in search for solutions while at the same time looking at the situation in the North of Europe more generally. He expressed concern at the extremely slow pace of implementation of decisions reached in the EU in connection with the migrant crisis. He furthermore explained recent measures taken by the Danish government and parliament regarding various limitations to immigration. The Head of government also commented upon the financial law for 2016, putting forward the most essential policy shifts as well as precisions regarding major reallocations of funds as well as economy measures. He underlined the government’s overall objective to improve the country’s competitiveness on the way to a more sustained economic growth while aiming to preserve a high level of solidarity in the framework of the Danish social model. Finally, the Prime Minister reviewed a number of crisis and conflict situations outside Europe, including from the viewpoint of the fight against terrorism. He thought it imperative to provide assistance to troubled states in regions adjacent to Europe, with a view to helping several countries to regain control of their territories and restore their sovereignty. Concluding, Prime Minister Rasmussen reiterated Denmark’s unwavering international commitment in support of peace and stability and the government’s determination to provide assistance in that regard.