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Seminar on multiculturalism and multiliguism (Europe House, Helsinki, 22 September 2015)

Published Wednesday September 23 2015

In the third week of September, the embassy team managed to organise a strong Luxembourgish presence in the Finnish capital, not only by way of a jazz concert, but also through a seminar on multiculturalism and multilinguism which took the situation in Luxembourg as a case in point. The seminar, co-organised by the EKSO-Cultural Association Europe,  looked at the multicultural reality of our country through the eyes of Dr Elke Murdoch, from the University of Luxembourg, heard ambassador Philipps make a presentation of the Luxembourg language, historically, culturally, politically and in regard to the use “Lëtzebuergesch” in everyday life and finally benefitted from a European view on multilinguism presented by Mr Karl-Johan Lönnrath, former Director General of the Linguistic Services of the European Commission.